There are a total of 19 seats in the store, with 5 counter seats in the front and 14 table seats in the back. If you are considering purchasing coffee beans, there is a product shelf on the left side of the entrance, so please feel free to enter the store and take a look. All seats in the store are non-smoking. Free Wifi is available.

Of the 7 allergy-specific items, those used in our menu:Milk、Wheat、Egg

Blended coffee (450 yen including tax)

Blended coffee will be 250 yen for the second and subsequent cups (customers ordering other drinks can also order blended coffee for 250 yen).

Straight coffee (550 yen)

Paper drip the coffee beans selected from the list below. We hope you can feel the difference between coffee beans.

Ethiopia Harar
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Mandheling Ache
Guatemala Antigua
Papua New Guinea
Costa Rica Red Honey

Nel drip coffee (650 yen)

Carefully extract the straight coffee selected from the list below with nel drip.

Ethiopia Harar
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Guatemala Antigua
Papua New Guinea
Costa Rica Red Honey

Rum coffee (850 yen)

High-quality rum was added to the richly extracted deep roasted nel drip coffee.

Iced coffee (Iced coffee)

Cafe au lait (550 yen)

Iced cafe au lait (550 yen)

Cocoa (550 yen)

Honey ginger soda (500 yen)

Hot honey ginger (500 yen)

Tea (500 yen)

Milk tea (550 yen)

Orange juice (450 yen)

Chicken curry(Just a curry for 750 yen. 200 yen discount with drink.)

An original chicken curry with 11 kinds of spices.

Pizza toast (Just a toast for 550 yen. 130 yen discount with drink.)

A japanese-style pizza toast with cheese, salami, pizza sauce, onions, peppers and corn.

Grilled sandwich with tuna, corn, and mayonnaise (Just a sandwich for 420 yen. 70 yen discount with drink.)

Toast (250 yen)

Cake (380-450 yen)